The Team

We work together to:

  • help you stay as independent as possible
  • build your confidence
  • provide emotional support
  • advise family and friends on how best to help you
  • run groups where you can take part in activities and exercise, and share experiences and strategies
  • provide you with individual advice and support

Our clinical team is supported by a community support worker, rehabilitation assistants and volunteers. They work closely with, and have guidance from, all members of the therapy team to help deliver group or individual support.


  • look at the way you move, and discuss related problems 
  • help you when your balance and movement are affected by a neurological condition
  • suggest exercises and techniques to practise
  • encourage you to try out community-based exercise opportunities e.g. visiting your local gym

Occupational Therapists 

  • enable you to do the activities that are important to you
  • discuss your physical, cognitive and emotional needs
  • practise different ways of doing the tasks you need or want to do
  • advise you on how to manage symptoms such as memory problems or fatigue
  • suggest how your home environment can be adapted 
  • encourage you to take part in community and leisure activities

Speech and Language Therapists

  • discuss your concerns about speech and communication
  • provide information about how a neurological condition might affect your communication
  • advise you on how to make communication more effective
  • suggest practical tips to improve communication
  • help you find alternative ways to communicate if speech is difficult

Social Workers 

  • work with you to identify the support you need 
  • support you with planning for the future and regularly review your needs
  • advocate on your behalf
  • assist you with benefit and other applications
  • put you in contact with other relevant services
  • provide services for the carers of people with neurological conditions e.g. support groups

Other members of the team:

Counsellor: supports you to explore your feelings, with the aim of improving your emotional wellbeing

Music therapist: provides individual and group music therapy sessions

Review coordinator: sees all INS clients on a yearly basis to review your situation and needs

Volunteer coordinator: recruits and manages volunteers, including befrienders