Groups and Activities

Carer Support Groups

Carer support groups aim to enable carers to discuss their concerns and share experience and solutions to problems. You can drop in to these sessions and do not need to attend each month. They are coordinated and supported by INS staff, the groups aim to provide:

  • Information and advice on specific difficulties encountered by the person with the condition
  • Information and help on issues such as benefits entitlements and transport
  • Access to a Carers Assessment from the local authority and registration as a carer with your GP
  • Information on and referral to other services for carers, including respite opportunities. We work with other organisations to provide support to carers.
  • Advice and practical solutions for carers to enable them to remain healthy and well and to minimise the stress of caring
  • Identification of specific needs which may benefit from referral to INS therapists for carer training in moving and handling the person with the condition to reduce the risk of injury and encourage independence.

Taking Back Control

This 3-week course looks at the emotional impact of caring for someone. It explores experiences of loss, frustration and depression and aims to help develop coping strategies to deal with these.

Exercise based groups

We run various short term exercise groups to help improve your fitness – allowing you the time to have a break from your caring role and look after yourself. Current guidelines suggest that people should be exercising for 30 minutes 5 times a week – these groups will help you take a step in the right direction.

These groups include:

Carers Fit club: a group aiming to improve your confidence in exercising and helping to look at opportunities for you to exercise at home or at your local gym

Nordic walking: walking with poles can be an effective way of increasing your overall fitness. Held at a local park and usually run jointly with clients.

Carers walks: an opportunity to walk and chat with other carers

Other groups:

Exploring spirituality: explores the link between spirituality and emotional wellbeing. It includes discussion and time for reflection.

Friendship group: a group run by members of INS and their partners/carers; meets at a local social venue.

Helping conversation: is run for clients and their carers. It explores the difficulties of conversation especially after stroke or head injury. The course focuses on strategies to make conversation easier and more fruitful.

Exercise in water for carers: a 6-week course at Teddington Pools, working on fitness, mobility and relaxation. 

Summer activities

In the summer INS runs a programme called Expanding Horizons. This includes a range of activities and is open to all those known to INS and their partners/carers. Some activities may give you a well-deserved break such as a massage. Others may give you and the person you care for an opportunity to do something fun together such as a boat trip or bowls.