How we can help

How do I get referred?

Anyone can refer you or you can refer yourself. Click here to download a referral form. You can send it to us by post or fax - 020 8755 4003. You can also refer yourself by telephone on 020 8755 4000. If we are supporting the person you care for we will offer to review your needs as a carer.

Your situation as a carer may change over time and you can access our different aspects of our carers support as your needs change.

What happens next?

Once your referral is accepted we will write to you to let you know. A member of the team will arrange to visit you at home. We will discuss with you how INS might be able to help. With your permission we will also refer you to either Richmond Carers Centre or Hounslow Community Partnership so that you can access more carers support.

What ongoing support will I receive?

We will also send you our carers newsletter INSupport which provides regular updates on groups and activities.  You may contact us at any time if you feel you need further support.

Will I need to pay?

INS is introducing a membership scheme from September 2016. There will be an annual membership fee and charges for groups and individual therapy sessions. Support for carers is free. Financial help may be available - contact us for more information (T: 020 8755 4000 or E:

Do you have links to other organisations?

We have links with other community health and social care services, and may refer you to them as appropriate and with your agreement.