Groups and Activities

Each individual must be seen by an INS therapist to check their suitability for any of our groups and activities.

See INSide News for information on the groups running this term  

Exercise based groups

We run various exercise groups for people of different physical abilities.

We aim to maintain or improve your fitness.

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Living well groups

We run a variety of groups which focus on living well with your condition.

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Symptom management groups

These short term groups help you manage issues related to your neurological condition. They are open to people with any neurological condition.




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Communication groups

We offer long term and short term groups for people with a range of communication difficulties, arising from a neurological condition.

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Expanding Horizons groups

A range of short term groups offering an opportunity to participate in activities of therapeutic benefit.  Activities are tailored to the needs of those with a neurological condition.

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Summer activities

Each year INS runs a programme called Expanding Horizons.  This includes a range of activities and is open to all those known to INS and their partners/carers.

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Other groups

Exploring spirituality: explores the link between spirituality and emotional wellbeing. It includes discussion and time for reflection.

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