Multiple Sclerosis

INS helps people with MS in a number of ways: we offer individual sessions with a therapist or a rehabilitation assistant, as well as a varied programme of groups. Some of these are listed below:

Long-term groups: sessions include exercise, symptom management, activities and social support

Live well with MS: an 8 week group that helps you understand and manage the symptoms of MS via exercise and discussion

Fit club: a 12 week group that helps you become more confident at exercising and helps look at opportunities for you to exercise at home or at your local gym 

Taking back control: an 8 week course which explores experiences of loss, frustration, anxiety and depression and helps you develop coping strategies for dealing with these

Fatigue management: a 4 week course where you can find out more about the causes of fatigue and learn strategies to manage this better

Memory: groups which focus on understanding how memory works and helping you to compensate for memory problems

Sleep: workshops covering sleep problems and potential solutions

Other groups: we run a variety of other groups such as hydrotherapy, gardening, art, creative writing, music and iPad

For more information on these groups please click here 

The local NHS community healthcare teams have MS Specialist Nurses in both Richmond and Hounslow boroughs. They provide vital support and information. If you are not known to one of the MS nurses, ask your GP to refer you. 

You can find out more about MS on the websites listed below:

MS Society

MS Trust

Local community health team  (information about the specialist nurses can be found here).