My experiences of INS

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My experiences of INS
I am 49 years old and have been living with Progressive-relapsing Multiple sclerosis (MS) for around 10 years.  
I have received a lot of help from INS and now I, in turn, devote a lot of my time to them.  I’m a member of their INSight group (a service users’ forum) and I help them with their medical student training (by talking to the students and also by helping set up seating).
INS has helped me with physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and I have also used their counselling service on a number of occasions.  The rehabilitation assistants have worked with me in the gym at INS, and basically give me a good reason to keep on living, even if it is with an incurable illness like MS.
All at INS understand the difficulties involved.  They do not belittle you in any way and they are all very friendly.