Our board of trustees are experts in their fields with the highest level of integrity, entrusted to carry out both governance functions and fully understand their collective and individual responsibilities

Core functions are:

  • To ensure that the charity remains true to its mission and values
  • To determine its strategy and organisational purpose
  • To act as the point of final accountability for its actions and those of its representatives and staff
  • Legal duties, provision of governing documents
  • To safeguard its assets including organisational reputation
  • Act as a pool of expertise and advice, making this available to staff and volunteers

We maintain a group of 10-12 Trustees with a broad mix of skills – professional, business, financial, marketing and fundraising

We hold 4 full Board meetings a year and sub committees with Terms of Reference approved by Board:

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Clinical governance (including safeguarding)
  • Finance and audit
  • Fundraising an events
  • Communications and Marketing
  • INSight*

Additional meetings - AGM plus 2 x workshop/seminars exploring issues in depth

Sub-committee chairs bring 2-3 key issues for discussion at each business meeting; Exec team to produce written reports and answer questions on the data

*INSight is an active and independent group of clients and carers which meets quarterly to review and discuss INS services and to put forward suggestions for changes or additions to the services. The group is chaired by one of the service users who represents the users on the Board of Trustees.

The CEO is responsible for working with advisory board to write the 5 year strategic and developing the operational plan.  The sub groups will monitor progress against plan and budget, evaluating results and impact

Annual Reports

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Risk Management

INS adopts a rigorous policy of Risk Assessment and review.  The Risk Register assesses all perceived major Risks in terms of Likelihood and Gravity, to which the Chief Executive and the senior management team append Mitigation notes.  The Register is subjected to full review each quarter by the strategic advisory board or more frequently by exception

All major risks are reviewed, but Trustees are particularly sensitive to risk associated with the loss of key personnel, the expiry dates of contracts, partnership working, funding limitations and of course the safety risk for clients, staff, volunteers and befrienders, both during treatment sessions and home visits


Anybody who uses our services is invited to submit their suggestions for improvement or complaints about their experience to the Chief Executive of INS.  These will be dealt with directly and in confidence. The Chief Executive can be contacted directly by letter, telephone or email:

Carol Hopkins, Interim Chief Executive 

Integrated Neurological Services 

82 Hampton Road 

Twickenham, TW2 5QS

Tel: 020 8755 4000    Email:

Under the Policies and Procedures of INS, any complaints not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant can be taken to the Trustees of INS under a formal complaints procedure.